Wednesday, December 12, 2012

5 Great custom controls for Android

As an Android developer, one needs to make sure that the applications look good on all the devices irrespective of their sizes, manufacturer and OS versions. Here is a list of some great libraries that would make your applications look great.

ActionBar Sherlock

The library will automatically use the native action bar when appropriate or will automatically wrap a custom implementation around your layouts. This allows you to easily develop an application with an action bar for every version of Android from 2.x and up.

ViewPager Indicator

A great library to get view page indicators in multiple styles. A must have in you app if you a are planning to get rid of traditional tab-widgets.

Lock Pattern

Android has an useful tool in security settings, it is Lock Pattern. Users can define their own lock pattern ‒ which is a combination of 4+ dots and use it as the password to their device. This library extends the same functionality and enables you to make your app secure with a pattern lock. 

 Pull to Refresh

Twitter has it, Facebook has it and now your Android app can also have this cool feature! Just pull the listview to refresh the contents. Very simple to integrate and fun to use feature.


This is a simple implementation of android's cover flow    widget and is a cool feature for media and image heavy applications.